Negotiating our Mid-Life Journey

Lifestyle Development is offering an exciting Programme with:
Opportunity to look at physical and mental challenges during Menopause, Mid-Life Crises & Mid Life Opportunities.
Time to relax, to look at the meaning of my life now as I negotiate this time of endings and new beginnings.
An invitation to look at stages of development and to study my personality type.
Time to value my experience, revisit my own story, recall the joys and sorrows of my life and give thanks.
This 7 week programme beginning October 19th 2023 will include;
  • Input on physical & Mental Wellbeing during Menopause,
  • Mid-life Crises and Transition, Story, Artwork, Movement, Dance.
  • Certificates will be presented on completion of the programme
To register for this Midlife Programme
Contact:  Reception at LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT 041 9843209
Dates: Oct.19th. 26th.   Nov 9th. 16th. 23rd. 30th.   Dec 7th.
Cost: 7 Euro per Workshop
Time: 10.00 – 12.00am
Venue: Holy Family Boxing Club, Ballsgrove.

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